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Couples Counseling 

Marriage and committed relationships in general are never static, which is why Couples Counseling can benefit you regardless of how long you’ve been together.  Relationships grow and change and evolve, just like the people in them. With all the stresses and challenges of everyday life, even the best of relationships hit roadblocks. Between careers, children, and bills, keeping your relationship strong takes time, understanding, and above all, good communication.  That’s not to say Couples Counseling is only for the hard times—all relationships can benefit from it. Above all, you should know that counseling isn’t a sign of weakness—in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Seeking help shows that your relationship is strong, no matter the challenges you’re facing today.

Using a variety of techniques, we as a group will focus on the areas of your relationship that you feel require the most attention.  Trust, honesty, communication—these things and more form the basis of your partnership, and together we’ll address the issues that are keeping you from growing closer.  In addition to finding positive ways to help bring you together in session, you’ll be given the proactive tools you need to help you at home.

With a new and lasting appreciation for your relationship and real-world tools that can help you communicate more deeply, you can begin to provide each other with love and support in new ways, giving your partnership the room it needs to grow, no matter what challenges may lie ahead.

Whether your commitment to each other is brand new or you’ve been together for decades, Couples Counseling can improve and enrich your lives.  Reach out to me today and let’s discuss how a  20 minute no-cost Couples Counseling consultation can help you move forward.

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